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Helpful Hints

If you are having trouble with your choices look no further! Here I have compiled a list of descriptive adjectives and verbs/adverbs for each letter. I've also listed some ideas to facilitate your brainstorming. I hope to update this section regularly.

People, Places & Things
Names of important people in the receiver's life are great additions to a poster. Keep in mind feelings may be hurt if Uncle Lou makes the cut while Aunt Maggie doesn't. Is a certain location meaningful? A city/state/country, special vacation destination, honeymoon spot, college town? What about a hobby or a sport?


Sports team

Descriptive Adjectives/Adverbs/Verbs

A: Action, Active, Adventure, Adventurous, Adorable, Able, About, Above, Absolutely, Acceptable, Accomplished, Achiever, Actually, Advanced, Affectionate, Age, Almost, Always, Amazing, Ample, Amusing, Animated, Art, Artistic, Ask, Aspiring, Assertive, Astonishing

B: Blissful, Bashful, Beautiful, Blue eyed, Brown eyed, Brunette, Blonde, Bubbly, Brilliant, Bold, Bouncy, Busy, Bright, Big, Better, Best, Believe, Beaming,

C: Caring, Carefree, Charismatic, Charming, Cheerful, Classy, Clever, Colorful, Comfortable, Confident, Cool, Courageous, Crazy, Creative, Curious, Cute, Climb, Clean, Cuddle, Cherish, Clear, Champion, Challenge

D: Delicate, Dreamy, Daring, Definitely, Dazzling, Darling, Delightful, Dainty, Dynamic, Divine, Dangerous, Deep, Decisive, Design, Drive, Draw, Dance, Down, Dramatic

E: Eager, Early, Earnest, Eccentric, Enjoy, Endearing, Electric, Emotional, Easy, Educated, Effective, Elegant, Elfin, Embodiment, Emerge, Empowered, Enchanting, Energetic, Entertaining, Enthusiastic

F: Fabulous, Faithful, Factual, Famous, Fanciful, Fancy, Fascinating, Fantastic, Fast, Favorable, Fearless, Feisty, Feminine, Festive, Fierce, Fiery, Fit, Fluent, Forceful, Flying, Fighting, Fall

G: Go, Grin, Giggle, Giant, Gentle, Genuine, Great, Green eyed, Gorgeous, Generous, Glowing, Gleeful, Goodhearted, Gifted, Game, Girlish, Graceful

H: Humorous, Heavenly, Handsome, Hilarious, Helpful, Happy, Hazardous, High, Hot, Handy

I: Immature, Intelligent, Interesting, Incredible, Impatient, Important, Inspirational, Indescribable, Independent, Influential, Imperfect, Impulsive, Insane, Impressive, Intense, Irresistible, Imaginative, Industrious, Instinctive

J: Joyous, Jolly, Jumpy, Joker, Jealous, Jovial, Jubilant, Joyful, Jumbled, Jingly, Jazzy, Jaunty, Just

K: Keeper, Kind, King, Knowledgeable, Kindhearted, Kickin'

L: Lovable, Loved, Lucky, Lazy, Laugh, Laughing, Large, Last, Lefty, Life, Light, Lightning, Lovely, Loyal, Likeable, Little, Loud, Long, Lively

M: Magical, Moody, Marvelous, Me, Mellow, Macho, Magnetic, Magnificent, Major, Miracle, Musical, Multi-talented, Mysterious

N: Noticeably, Noticeable, Nerdy, New, Noisy, Nonstop, Neat, Nice, Nutty, Noble, Naughty, Nifty, Natural, Nonchalant

O: Open, Observant, Ordinary, Overjoyed, Outrageous, Obsessed, Odd, Officially, Off, Okay

P: Pleasant, Peaceful, Proud, Protective, Perfect, Pretty, Precious, Poignant, Popular, Proper, Peculiar, Pleasing, Playful, Purple, Pink, Pesky, Prickly, Photogenic, Priceless, Phenomenal, Precocious, Productive, Patient, Petite, Particularly, Passionate, Polite, Positive, Practical, Precise, Proficient, Pure

Q: Quick, Quaint, Quirky, Quiet, Qualified, Quantifiable, Quarrelsome, Questionable, Quotable, Quizzable

R: Radiant, Reliable, Rough, Ridiculous, Respectful, Rambunctious, Rapid, Rare, Real, Ready, Reckless, Restless, Rockin', Royal, Rowdy, Romantic, Random, Responsible, Remarkable

S: Sarcastic, Sassy, Serious, Short, Shy, Silly, Simple, Sincere, Skilled, Sleepy, Smart, Smiley, Soft, Smile, Sophisticated, Special, Spectacular, Strong, Stylish, Super, Sweet, Sensational, Sensitive, Squishy

T: Tall, Tiny, Talkative, Terrific, Thankful, Thoughtful, Talented, Tidy, Tough, Truthful, Trustworthy, Truly, Typical, Tremendous, Tired, Tender, Tall, Teeny, Ticklish, Technical, Trouble, Troublesome

U: Ultimate, Understood, Upbeat, Unusual, Useful, Unbeatable, Unbelievable, Underrated, Unique, Unpredictable, Undeniable, Uber

V: Valiant, Vivid, Vital, Very, Vivacious, Versatile

W: Wonderful, Weird, Winning, Whole, Wild, Worldly, Witty, Wise, Wordy, Whimsical, Wacky, Wicked, Warm

X: Xciting, Xtreme, Xtra, Xcellent, Xray, Xhausted

Y: Young, Your, Yours, Youthful, You are ________, Yippee, Yummy, Year, Yawn, Yin and Yang

Z: Zestful, Zealous, Zippy, Zany, Zingy